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Penrith Bathroom Renovations

Specialising in Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations in and around Penrith, NSW

Newly renovated kitchen in the Western suburbs of Sydney

Remodelling your kitchen or bathroom might sound like a tedious job, but thankfully, at Penrith Renovations, professional craftsmen who are specifically trained for this task are always ready to take up your project as if they were remodelling their own house.

From tiling the bathroom floor to re-designing a custom kitchen island, we are there for you every step of the way. Bathroom renovations are our specialty, and we strive to provide top-quality service in this area.

Our experienced home renovations and Penrith bathroom renovations servicemen are just on the other end of a phone call. All you need to do is dial (02) 9053 8764 and ask for a free evaluation and a free quotation for your renovation needs.

That is it.

Our specialists will visit your house, review the current condition of your kitchen and/or your bathroom, discuss your remodelling ideas, and provide you with an estimate for expenses, such as bathroom renovations.

And then?

Just relax and let our craftsmen do the job so that you can be treated to a sparkling new kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Your kitchen is not just a place where you prepare your meals. It is one of the most (if not the most) important rooms in your home. A kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of a home, with new recipes being created to getting together with family and close friends to experience new tastes and good times.

Naturally, you would want your kitchen to be in proper condition all the time. A crack in the tiles or a broken hinge of a cabinet could not only be irritating to you but could also interfere with the hygiene of the food being prepared.


Kitchen being installed in Emu Plains property
Kitchen ready to be renovated in Sydney's West

Complete Bathroom Renovations

The same thing could be said about the bathroom. Often the most neglected portion of the house, you must maintain your bathroom well, otherwise, it becomes the cause of hygiene-related issues. Bathroom renovations play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy living space.

Old tiles, bad plumbing, and cracked tubs are the preferred places for mould and other bacteria. That is neither a pretty picture nor a good outcome for your family’s health and general well being. Bathroom renovations are essential for maintaining a clean and safe environment.

Trust Penrith Renovations to get all of these issues fixed for the two important rooms in your lovely home, with a special focus on bathroom renovations Penrith.

Low shot of a newly renovated bathroom in Penrith, NSW

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovators in Penrith

Bathroom in Emu Plains by Penrith Renovations

From creating ultra-modern bathroom experiences through a complete overhaul of your existing space, to simply redoing your bathroom accessories, our experienced bathroom renovation experts provide hassle-free bathroom renovations in Penrith and Western Sydney. We ensure that your bathroom renovations are top-notch and provide you with the best results possible.

Just imagine coming back after a long hard day at work and soaking yourself into the pleasures of a hot bath in aesthetically pleasing surroundings, thanks to our bathroom renovations.

No, you do not have to check into a hotel for this kind of luxurious experience. Our team of creative designers will work with you to design the most pleasing bathroom renovations Penrith has to show.

From the colour of the floor to the shape and size of your bathtub, your entire bathing space can and will be given a brand-new look, thanks to our bathroom renovations expertise.

It is not just the bath or shower space that we work with either. We also pay close attention to the interior architecture of your entire bathroom, including your toilet, your sink, and other areas during our bathroom renovations process. Are you concerned about the lighting of your bathroom? Do not worry, our holistic approach ensures every single light fitting is adjusted and replaced according to the general tone of the bathroom interiors during our stunning bathroom renovations.

Of course, if all you are looking for is a simple replacement of your bathroom fittings, we handle that with the utmost professionalism as well. From sink faucets, through to cabinets, shower-heads and sink counter-tops, we have all the accessories that make your bathroom elegant and comfortable, just the way you have always pictured it. Our bathroom renovations expertise extends to even the smallest details.

When you hand over your bathroom renovation tasks to us, you can rest assured that we will take a comprehensive approach towards the project. Our bathroom renovations services are designed to address all aspects of the renovation process.

From the removal of old walls to re-arranging the plumbing, to creatively designing the space, and to the final installations, our experts will ensure quality work throughout the process. Our bathroom renovations Penrith team is dedicated to transforming your space into the oasis you desire.

Kitchen Renovations

New Kitchen in Sydney's West

Every dream kitchen begins with the perfect design. Whether it is a traditional kitchen space you are looking for, or you wish to go for a modern and chic look, our team is here to convert your dreams into reality. Our expert designers sit with you to understand what your needs are, and while our focus remains on your Penrith bathroom renovation, we are equally adept at creating stunning kitchen spaces through our fantastic kitchen renovations.

Maybe you want your cutting island to be the focal point of the kitchen, or maybe you are someone who prefers to cook on the side and have the dining table as the centre of attraction for your kitchen. Or, maybe you are a budding chef and wish to remodel your home kitchen to imitate a restaurant kitchen.

You have got to start somewhere, have you not? Any design that comes to your mind for remodelling your kitchen, anything at all, and you can count on us to build it for you, just as we do with bathroom renovations.

From cabinet installations to electric connections for your appliances, to redoing the sinks and the faucets, your complete kitchen can be overhauled bit by bit. The best part is you get to choose the lighting, the colours, the appliance setups, the materials, and so on, and we will ensure that your kitchen is one of the classiest and elegant kitchens in Penrith and the Western Suburbs

For example, if you have always dreamed of a glass countertop but never knew whether it is the right fit for your lifestyle, give us a call and speak with our designers. They have the expertise to suggest the best kitchen renovations Penrith has to offer, which are also suitable for your taste, just as they do with bathroom renovations.

On the other hand, if you wish to keep it simple and just want to redo some parts of the kitchen, such as the repair of the broken or worn-out cabinets or replacement of existing islands and counter-tops, we are happy to help you with those tasks, too, in addition to our expertise in bathroom renovations.

No kitchen or bathroom renovation task is too big or too small for us. We strive to make your kitchen elegant, homely and easy-to-use no matter how much or what portions of it you wish to renovate. At Penrith Renovations, we are committed to providing exceptional service in both kitchen and bathroom renovations, ensuring that your home becomes the haven you've always wanted it to be.

Tiling and Repairs

Closeup of hands installing red floor tiles with spacers in between them

Sometimes, all you need is a team of professionals that have specific training in tiling and repairing, a task that many homeowners tend to put off due to lack of sufficient evidence of wear and tear. Fret not, because tiling and repairs has been a staple of our business for many years, including our focus on bathroom renovations.

If you have an old kitchen or a bathroom, you might not notice, but there are often small signs that the tiles need to be replaced as part of your bathroom renovations.

So, how can you find out?

Well, for one, if you suspect that one or more of the tiles have dislodged, you could perform a simple experiment. Simply strike the tile (not with too much force that it breaks) with a metal object. If you hear a hollow sound, it is most likely caused by a dislodged tile.

In such a scenario, depending on the position of the tile, either one or two adjacent tiles might need replacement, or the entire area might have to be re-tiled as part of your bathroom renovations. Do not worry, our expert service professionals are here to evaluate and provide you with an honest estimate about the re-tiling.

Handling bathroom tiles, contrarily, requires a different approach, and we can proudly say that we offer the highest quality tiling and repair services for your bathroom renovations as well. But firstly, let us understand why your bathroom tiles need extra attention. Our bathroom renovations Penrith team can help you along the way.

This is because your bathroom is wet most of the time. It is not easy to identify in a wet bathroom whether there is an issue with the tiles, but careful observations might tell you if there are mouldy surfaces, water leakage, yellow spots, cracks on the tiles, and so on, indicating the need for bathroom renovations.

When you notice any of these, call us and we can help you replace those tiles by ensuring waterproofing tasks are carried out properly to prevent further water damage during your bathroom renovations.

Tile flooring can easily be repaired as compared to other kinds of flooring. For minor cracks and leaks, all you need to do is call us and we will send you the experts who can deftly replace the tiles in question and fill the grout lines as part of our bathroom renovations services. They will make sure the replaced tiles match the rest of your floor or wall so that no one would know the difference.

Wall and Floor Tiling

Angled photo of floor tiling in Penrith

With the advent of high-tech kitchens and bathroom renovations, tiles have taken the centre stage. For example, in a well-designed kitchen, tiles are no longer restricted to the floors but span across the walls, and between counter-tops and cabinets, too. This is in addition to the traditionally designed splashback tiles.

The same can be said for your bathroom renovations. Tiles are everywhere, from walls to floors, next to your sink area, and so on.

Different kinds of tiles fit the bill when it comes to remodelling the walls and the floors of your bathroom and kitchen as part of your bathroom renovations.

You must choose the right tiles specifically suited for wet spaces (the bathroom) or dry walls (the kitchen). Besides, these tiles have to be aesthetically pleasing, suitable to your budget, and of course, low maintenance during your bathroom renovations.

If you are confused about what kind of tiles to get for your walls and floors, give us a call today and let our professional designers worry about getting the right material for renovating your home. We work with you to ensure we bring to life whatever kind of designed tiles you have in your mind for your bathroom renovations.

For example, you might have thought of some kind of geometric pattern that looks classy and yet is within your budget. Or, maybe you wish to go for something old-fashioned, such as a mosaic.

Often, in colder climates, homeowners also have special requirements for positioning heating under the floor tiles. Whatever be your requirement, we can provide you with a custom solution specific to your needs.

With our wall and floor tiling services, we take a wholesome approach in our Penrith bathroom renovation services which includes removing the old tiles, placement of the new ones, and finishing are all handled by a team of experts. We even stock the materials so that you do not have to go from store to store looking for the perfect tiles for your bathroom renovations.

From conservatory flooring to uniquely designed natural tiles, our services handle all wall and floor tiling combining artistic flair and technical expertise.


Bathroom Renovations Penrith

Give your abode a new life with our Penrith bathroom renovations

We understand that your home is priceless for you, regardless of whether it is a spacious mansion or a cosy cottage. It is your haven and it deserves to be handled by the very best hands during the days of bathroom renovations.

We also comprehend that moving out while re-doing a bathroom or a kitchen is not always a feasible option. Hence, we work with you to understand your schedules, so that you could continue to use the rest of the house and depending on the scale of bathroom renovations, maybe some portions of your kitchen and bathroom as well, while our service technicians get down to business.

But most of all, we understand your need to get the task done professionally, quickly, and within your budget, leaving no room for disappointment.

So, if you are in the Penrith area of Sydney, be sure to give us a call for a free quote so that we can spruce up your home and your way of life with our bathroom renovations. We're committed to ensuring that your Penrith bathroom renovations are completed to the highest standard, allowing you to enjoy a refreshed and rejuvenated space.

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